Saturday, March 28, 2015

No Bias Here!

This is an actual screen shot from the Taylor Gifts Website.

Now you might think, "Golly gee that's creepy!  Well maybe the picture hasn't loaded fully, or maybe it's clearer when you click on it.



Didn't Your Mother Ever Teach You Anything?

Maybe I'm getting older, but the first thing I thought of when I saw this was, "Why is she sitting like that?  She gonna fall off the chair!"


Your Experience May Vary

I think I need to get more sleep, because when I saw this, I imagined someone wheeling it out during a dinner party to play Show and Tell.

House Hunters: Too Good To Be True Edition

Just imagine, you're looking for the house of your dreams.  You come across a listing that's perfect.  It has everything you could ever want, including hardwood floors throughout!  The price is below what you were planning to spend.  You make an appointment to see the house.  You rush in, eager to make an offer, and then...

...son of a bitch.

And It Matches the Stools, Too!

Is your hideously dated kitchen missing that certain something?  Do you ever wish you could give it all the charm of say, a dive bar or a run down motel, but can't afford an interior decorator?

The TV ceiling mount is here to save the day!    

Closet Case

Just imagine the fun you'll have trying to balance everything on the "Closet Valet" as it teeters back and forth, spilling everything all over the floor.  Just keep your wallet on the kitchen counter like everyone else.


Play Stadium Not Included

Think of how much fun you'll have playing "Superbowl Halftime Puppet Show" with these tacky beer cozies.


How to Get Rocks Thrown At Your house

I was thinking about how best I could get someone to throw rocks at my house and break a window or two.

And then I found this.