Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Too Bad Moths Don't Eat Cotton

Daughter-In-Law Afghan tells the gal who captured your son's heart that she has a place in yours, too. Beautiful, soft woven throw features top-quality needlework, a colorful floral design, fringed border, and a loving sentiment she'll treasure always. 60" x 46". Made in USA of 100% cotton. $29.99

Linda: Hi, Melanie! Thanks for coming over!

Melanie: I'm so glad to see you again, it's been a while.

Linda: Oh my God. What the hell is that on your wall?

Melanie: Please. It's a daughter in law afghan.

Linda: A what-the-fuck what?

Melanie: Joe's mother caught me throwing out all the stupid sappy cards she kept sending me every other week, so this is my punishment.

Linda: (opens purse) Here's the number to my divorce lawyer.

Harriet Carter

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