Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Not For Sale in New York City

Laundry room magnetic decal will help you kick the “wash day” blues with its cute and colorful clothesline scene. Attaches instantly to the front of a top-loading washer or dryer—or other metal surface. Flexible poly/vinyl material with magnetic backing removes easily; won’t mar appliance surfaces. 26" L x 16½" H. $10.85

I would love to attach one of these to my building's washing machine and wait for the reactions of the chronic complainers in my coop.

"Is that coming out of my maintenance bill?"

"I'm allergic to magnets!"

"My cleaning lady can't read English.  Is there a Spanish version?"

"Clotheslines destroy the environment because they are made from rope, which comes from the Amazon rainforest."

1 comment:

Dani said...

oh darn my washer and dryer are both front loaders. I will just have to live my life without this marvelous piece of....art.