Monday, November 01, 2010

Because Ovens Aren't Dangerous Enough

3-Tier Oven Rack expands your cooking space. It’s just what you need when preparing a meal for a family get-together or for the holidays. Innovative design lets you bake up to 3 of your favorite dishes…while leaving room for the roasting pan. Perfect for keeping multiple dishes warm as you carve a roast or turkey. Bottom and center shelf accommodate bakeware up to 3¾” high. Dishwasher safe. Folds flat for storage. Made of nichel-chrome plated steel. 10¾” W x 10¼” H x 14½” L. $15.98

What a great idea! Let's add a teetering rack with three scaling hot casseroles and wait to see what happens when someone pulls out that bottom rack out to baste the turkey. What could possibly go wrong?

1 comment:

Jordan said...

...especially since turkeys RARELY enjoy getting basted, and generally squirm all over the place rather than staying still like a GOOD turkey would.