Monday, November 08, 2010

Because Filling The Bowl Less Frequently is NOT an Option

BOWL KEEPS DOGS & CATS FROM WOLFING DOWN THEIR FOOD! Specially-designed bowl features 4 raised prongs that force pets to eat food slower and chew at a leisurely pace. Pets digest food better, feel full sooner and make less mess. No more choking or vomiting, either. Ideal for moist or dry food. Features a no-tip design with non-slip bottom. Dishwasher-safe plastic.

Finally! My cats are always eating. Fucking moochers! You know what? I was going to buy this, but I just can't wait to teach those bastards a lesson. Maybe I'll throw some nuts and bolts in their bowl tonight. They won't want to eat as much after they're missing a few teeth.  That'll learn em.

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