Monday, October 04, 2010

When You Care Enough to Send The Very Lamest

The sentiment inscribed in these keepsake plaques will warm the heart of your daughter or son. Grown-up children don’t outgrow the need to hear they are loved. Plaques are beautifully rendered to feel and look like expensive tumbled stone, and include an easel back for easy display. 4” square. Made of heavy bisque ceramic.

"Grown-up children don’t outgrow the need to hear they are loved." 

Are you fucking kidding me?  If your grown up kid still needs this kind of sappy, Hallmark-card reassurance, then they probably already have a house chock full of shit like this already. Look for them on a future episode of Hoarders.

A note for normal adults receiving these:  They are ceramic, so breaking them and blaming it on the kids is a good way to get rid of them without insulting Mommy and Daddy.

(Harriet Carter)


Dani said...

My Mom gave me a pillow with that stupid Daughter inscription for Christmas a couple years ago. I put it dirrectly in the donation bag which now that I think of it was kinda cruel. Now some less fortunate person is stuck with it.

Chris said...

And now they're even less fortunate than ever!