Monday, March 01, 2010

It's Okay to Burn This One


You know, there's something wrong with this picture, but I can't put my finger on it.

Yes I can. There are only 14 stars - and they are all upside down. There are 10 stripes instead of 13. Was this designed by a 3 year old?

I really take offense to anything with the American flag that is imported. Why aren't we making horrible knock-offs of the Chinese flag and selling them to China?

I think we need to buy up ALL of these retarded flags and ship them to the fanatical countries that hate us. You think they know what the flag really looks like as they're burning it?

Flag Throw keeps you warm and cozy in patriotic style! Show your American pride while cuddling up with this plush poly/fleece blanket featuring stars and stripes on both sides in vivid red, white and blue. Measures 60" x 50"; perfect for snuggling by the dawn’s early light or twilight’s last gleaming! Machine washable. Imported. $14.98

P.S. - Fuck you, Harriet Carter, for carrying such obvious garbage.