Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why Isn't Richard Simmons Pushing This?

Here is a gadget aimed at people who don't have the common sense to learn how to cook properly. Like that special brand of hypocrite who thinks they're really making healthy choices by sopping up the pizza grease with a napkin before they eat it.

The Fat Mop is the ultimate fat-busting kitchen gadget! Just dunk the Fat Mop into that fattening chili, soup, or stew and watch the calories disappear! Now you can double up on portions without guilt! Works great on ice cream, too!

Fat Mop makes meals healthier! A quick twist removes grease-laden oil...fat, cholesterol and calories are whisked away. Just stir into soups, stews or chili to soak up grease. Plastic with premium fibers cleans with dish soap. Long 13 1/4" brush keeps you safely away from heat. $9.99


Neil Russell said...

Yeah, just run that crap down the sink. Talk about a real "plumber's helper".

Dani said...

Oh now that's just disgusting