Friday, October 23, 2009

Take it Outside, Buddy

Here is an item that the designers probably never tested in the real world. It's an ice cube tray that pops out ice cubes in the shape of shot glasses. The "need" comes from the thousands of deaths each year due to "shot-glass-washing exhaustion."

In theory, your guests will take a shot, and then place the empty ice-glass in the sink, where it will melt down the drain.

In reality, your guests will take a shot, and then drop the slippery, melting empty ice-glass on your coffee table, where it will melt unnoticed and warp the fuck out of it because you are too lazy to wash four shot glasses. Happy now?

Cool ShootersÂȘ are shot glasses made of ice! Create the perfect ice-breaker for party guests and add a chill to your favorite spirits. Simply pour water (or fruit juice) into the silicone mold and pop it into the freezer. The result is four fully-formed decorative glasses you'll never have to wash! Silicone, 5 x 5 x 2 3/4". 5.99


Julia said...

Hilarious. You made me want one even more than I did before. Any idea where I can grab the molds?

Chris said...

No one's ever asked me that before.


Guernican said...

In fact, this may be the first little innovation on this site that I've rather liked.

Neil Russell said...

The next logical step is to make little waffle irons in that shape so they can be filled with syrup.
Instead of "shooters" they could be called "stuffers".
I won't be convinced that America is a corpulent society until the day I see egg nog in gallon containers.
Probably this holiday season

Anonymous said...

my friend had those!!! There really handy actually... shot glasses tend to break..ALOT. n they also make ur vodka or whatever cold. i liked.

they did melt in the end of the night all over the place tho. but meh. was too drunk to care.