Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Reason Number 2,458 to Stay Out of Politics

Alright, enough already. The "commemorative" plates, plaques, coins, action figures, throws, pillows, and watches were bad enough, but a $25.00 plastic Obama bust? Leave the president alone already. Please.

And it doesn't even look like him. I keep seeing a slightly older Gary Coleman staring up at Mr. Drummond and it's freaking me out.

Obama Bust honors our 44th President. Bring art off the pedestal and into everyday life. Place it on the mantle above your fireplace or on your favorite bookcase. Send it to college with your son or daughter to remind them that in this nation every voice counts. Change has come to America. Resin. $24.98

1 comment:

Neil Russell said...

Heck, it's cast resin, if it was hollow plastic it could be a little bank and the phrase on the brass plate could read "Change You Can Spend".
If they're going to be cheesy might as well push the throttles to the stops.