Friday, October 16, 2009

People First, Then Money, Then Anything But This

Suze Orman: Alright everyone, thanks for joining us for our Can I Afford It segment. Our first caller is Judy from Florida. Hi, Judy!

Judy: Hi, Suze! I'm a big fan of your show!

SO: Well thank you, Judy. What do you wanna buy?

J: (voice trembling slightly) Well, Suzie, I want to buy a Floral Desk Set?

SO: A Floral... Desk set?

J: Yes.

SO: And how much is this floral desk set?

J: It's $25.00. (image of Floral Desk Set appears on screen)

SO: (inhales) Gee, I dunno. Looks like a piece of crap. Are you sure about this?

J: Yes, I really need this to spruce up my home office. My husband says I'm crazy.

SO: Alright, show me the money.

J: I've got about $25,000 in credit card debt, $150,000 left on my mortgage, $10,000 car loan, and about $15.78 in savings.


J: Hello? Suze, are you there?

Floral desk set adds a feminine touch to everyday office supplies. The unique style makes it easy to identify the items that belong to you. Makes a great gift for the professional women in your life. Choose stapler, scissors, calculator, or all three!

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