Thursday, October 29, 2009

Juice is Full of Sugar Anyway

Here's another one of those items that makes you wonder if it was ever tested in the real world.

It's so flawed, that it should have it's own TV show. Rock n' Pour Grandma, starring Betty White.

Okay, first of all, unless Grandma has a refrigerator the size of a Honda Civic, that big-ass piece of plastic is staying on the counter.

Second of all, Grandma has to lug the heavy container from the fridge and put it in this thing. And if she can handle that, she can certainly pour.

Third, just by looking at this picture, you know what is going to happen when Grandma loses her grip on the neck and that thing goes flying back the other way, spraying juice all over the kitchen.

Great. Now Grandma has to mop up the kitchen - if she doesn't slip on the spilled juice and break her hip first.

Maybe smaller containers would be a better idea if you're weaker than a newborn kitten.

Roll n' Pour rocking beverage server helps you pour beverages from bulky heavy bottles without spills or dropping the bottle. Easy to use. Just place the beverage in the cradle, rock it forward and pour at your own pace. Ideal for people with arthritis, weak hands or sore backs. Plastic, 13 1/4 x 6 1/4 x 8 $19.98

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