Thursday, October 22, 2009

And She Was Never Seen Again

Oh, this is just so sad. The snow pusher is designed to bridge the gap between manual shoves that break your back and snow throwers.

Just looking at this picture, I already know how it's going to end. (nevermind the fact that you can clearly see the tire tracks from the snow thrower that was used to clear the pathway here)

JIM: Hey Bob!

BOB: Hey Jim!

JIM: Lots of snow out here today, huh?

BOB: Oh, boy, you said it. Looks like we got at least a foot last night.

JIM: It's pretty bad. I'm glad I got that snow thrower last month. Say, you want some help with your sidewalk there?

BOB: No, it's fine. My wife just bought me this here snow pusher.

JIM: Snow pusher?

BOB: Yeah. Watch.

(Jim drops the snow pusher down and rolls it forward. It moves an inch and stops. Jim struggles, pushing it harder, until the handle bends.)

BOB: Jim, you's no big deal. It will only take a minute or so..

JIM: No, I'm fine!

(snow pusher breaks completely in half, sending Jim face-down into the snow)

BOB: You okay, there, Jim?

(Jim gets up, brushes the snow off his jacket)

JIM: Yeah, I'm fine. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to have a little talk with the wife.

Rolling snow pusher saves your back from heavy lifting or awkward bending. The lightweight frame, easy-roll wheels and specially-designed 181/4 x 11" metal blade combine to clear out even heavy snow with minimal effort. It turns one of winter's chores into a pleasurable activity. Wheels have sure-grip tread for added traction. $19.98

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