Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mirror Paper on the Wall, Who's the Dumbest of Them All?

Mirror on a roll turns any wall, ceiling, or door into an instant mirror. Self-adhesive mirror cuts to any size or shape and will not shatter! Make any room look brighter and larger for a fraction of a traditional mirror's cost. Great for hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms and more. Five foot long roll is 24"W. $19.98

What do you do when you're clumsy, stupid, and cheap, yet vain at the same time? Well, you save your pennies and buy a roll of shatter-proof "mirror".

Not only will it be easy to apply, but I'm sure it won't look like you just rolled aluminum foil onto the wall and your reflection will never look like that of a fun house mirror.


gamergf said...

And chances are very good you'll put it on crooked. Several times. It will show on the peeling paint around your "mirror". Just call it a "frame".

Anonymous said...

Where do I order this?

B R Sitaram said...

Where can i get mirror paper? Need it for science experiments

Lindee Robinson Photography said...

for a photoshoot his looks AMAZING!
Where can I get this?!