Friday, July 31, 2009

Or, You Could Just Throw Out a Few Pairs

Hey, Ladies! Run out of room in the closet and under your bed for all the shoes you never wear? Well, this gorgeous, top-quality bed skirt is just what you need! It has 18 vinyl pockets that will last forever and won't explode when you try to cram your husbands big, ugly sneakers in them. It's fantastic!

The shoe organizing bed skirt will also hold:

the remote control!
a box of tissues!
a loaf of bread!
a frying pan!
sex toys!

and much, much more! Call 1-800-IMA-DOLT right now! The first ten callers will receive a useless keychain with their order!

End shoe clutter forever! Shoe organizing bed skirt has 18 see-thru pockets to hold and give quick access to all your shoes. Just place under your mattress and let the pockets hang over both sides of bed. Also use to store toys, books, magazines. $14.98


Dani said...

Actually that would be a handy place to store the sex toys but I don't think I want people to SEE those.

Chris said...

Yes, perhaps a few of the pockets should be tinted for privacy.