Friday, July 31, 2009

As Good as Sold!

Redecorate in an instant! Attractive microsuede furniture covers change the look of any chair, loveseat or sofa without costly reupholstering. Protect from dirt and stains, make worn furniture look like new again. 100% polyester covers come in 4 colors: chocolate, beige, sage, burgundy. Machine washable. Imported. Chair is 90" L x 70" W; loveseat is 140" L x 70" W; sofa is 170" L x 70" W.

I'm having trouble selling my apartment and my real estate agent advised me to buy some slip covers to hide my ugly, old furniture.

I think these will really do the job. Which color should I get? I'm torn between the 1978 Cadillac Brown and 1996 Shower Curtain Burgundy.


Lady Jaye said...

Wow, it's not enough to offer hideous colors, the design has to be hideous too!

Maybe there could be an ironic use to that, but I doubt it.

Chris said...

They should be marketed as "couch ponchos" or "conchos!" Can't you just see some horrible Mexican cartoon mascot on the packaging?

Glory von Hathor said...

Wow, they come in poo, anaemia, corpse and menses. With a flamenco frill.