Thursday, June 18, 2009

Or, You Could Use It as a Hammer to Kill Yourself

Here's another gadget that would look great in your local landfill. It's a long-handled salt and pepper shaker and it's aimed squarely at lazy wimps.

Seriously? When is the last time you got burned sprinkling salt on your grilled chicken? Is your grill that big? Or are you that short?

I especially love how there are no covers for the openings. Hold it with the salt side up and you're peppering the floor. Hold it with the pepper side up, and you're getting salt in your shoes. Hold it sideways, and you'll just look ridiculous.

It's just so. well. thought. out.

BBQ Salt & Pepper shaker has a VERY l-o-o-o-ng reach! Now you can easily season foods cooking on your grill without tricky maneuvers and risks of burns. Dual-sided “mallet” with 21 1/4" long handle holds both salt and pepper in one—no more fumbling with separate shakers! Easy-to-fill shaker has 4 oz. capacity. Stainless steel. $12.98

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