Tuesday, June 09, 2009

DIY Shit on a Stick!

Traditional cakes are boring and predictable. They require agonizing measuring, mixing, cutting and serving, with everyone sitting around the same table, using plates, forks and your best disposable napkins.

Who has time for all that?

The revolutionary Cakesicle Pan finally makes cake portable! Simply look into your crystal ball to determine how many you'll need to bake, then carefully pour the cake batter into the awkwardly shaped holes. Once baked, then you can painstakingly decorate each one individually. "Uh-oh, Little Bobby is allergic to chocolate. Let's make one for him with coconut on it."

And finally, watch with delight as the kids run amok all over your house, spilling bits of cake and frosting all over the floor! Wouldn't that be fun?

And the fun continues into the next day, when you're scrubbing smashed sprinkles and frosting out of your carpeting and pulling whole, uneaten cakesicles out from under the couch. Fun! Yaaaaaay!

Also great for weddings in place of the traditional, overpriced wedding cake!

Cakesicle Pan bakes 8 mini cakes at a time, slip in wooden sticks (included) and decorate with colorful, tasty frostings and sprinkles! Heavy gauge, dishwasher safe, non stick coated steel, 1/2 x 15 x 10"' includes 25 wood sticks. $19.98

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Moda di Magno said...

Worst bakeware product EVER. Brutally awful.