Friday, May 01, 2009

Endorsed by Debbie Gibson

Hey, Ladies! Tired of looking like a Chinese paper lantern when you get dressed? Can't figure out that maybe you should just wear a bigger shirt? Love ugly accessories that scream 1989 on them?

Here you go.

No bulge slim belt cinches in at the waist like a regular belt, but lays flat so tops can rest evenly over pant without bulges. Look slim while still wearing a belt and feel great in outfits for a perfect fit every time. The clear, flexible, ultra-thin band virtually disappears by blending in with any color. Easy to wear and adjust with high or low waisted pants and jeans. Prevents back gap when you bend over or sit down. Set of two includes one clear and one black. Vinyl. Regular (22-45") Large (28-53")

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