Saturday, May 09, 2009

Color Coded Crap

Here's another product that answers a question nobody asked. If only I knew what the question was.

MOTHER: Jimmy, did you make your lunch for school tomorrow?

JIMMY: No, Mom.

MOTHER: Well, do it now so you don't forget. We can't afford you to waste money on those expensive hot lunches now can we? Go make your peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

JIMMY: But, Mom, I'm 17. Don't we have any cold cuts?

MOTHER: We're in a recession! We can't afford them! Go make your PB and J! If you give me any more lip I'm going to slap you into next week.

JIMMY: (signs, heads for kitchen)

MOTHER: Honestly, I don't know where you get this wasteful mentality from. And don't forget to use the PB & J spreader from Harriet Carter! Think of how much time it saves me by not having to wash two knives.

JIMMY: Okay, Mom (takes PB & J spreader and drops it behind the stove).

Peanut Butter & Jelly Spreader is the all-in-one, dual-purpose tool to scoop and spread PB & J on bread or crackers. Color-coded ends make it nearly impossible to confuse the two. Silicone tips provide easy spreading. Can also be used for butter, cream cheese, mayo and mustard. Dishwasher safe. 11 ½” L. $9.99

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