Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just Buy Canned Corn, Stupid

Here's another product designed to ease the torture of eating corn. And with it comes the worst staging I have ever seen in my entire life. Aside from the obvious lighting issues (underlit corn), I have to know: Is that cardboard corn? And why does it look like there are tiny little hard-boiled eggs living inside that ear of corn?

Beyond that, this is a disaster waiting to happen. Don't come crying to me when you burn burn both your hands trying to scrape hot corn kernels off of scalding hot ears.

Corn stripper: $14.99
First Aid kit: $27
Can of corn: $.99

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Corn stripper stores kernels all in one motion. Grab the non-slip grips and make just a few passes to quickly harvest every juicy kernel in the built-in half-cup container. Open top makes it easy to empty corn. The container separates for cleaning and is dishwasher safe. Plastic, stainless steel and sanoprene, 4". $14.99.


Neil Russell said...

Warning: Do NOT, repeat, do NOT attempt to use or even consider using a Ped Egg for this operation.

However if you are stupid enough to buy this, by all means consider using it as a substitute for a Ped Egg. That should result in some entertaining emergency room fare

Anonymous said...

What is terribly sad is that the corn cob in the illustration is fake.