Tuesday, April 07, 2009

How to Piss Off the IT Guy

It's bad enough that people max out their cubicles with framed photos, plants, stuffed animals, child "art", and other mementos of their personal lives, but this takes it to a whole new sick (and lopsided) level.

Monitor corner frame provides nearly limitless possibilities for you to customize and organize your desktop workspace. Easily attaches to any monitor using three fastener tabs. Display your favorite photos and boost your productivity by putting frequently used office items within easy reach. Use for sticky notes, document flags, paper clips and more. Plastic, 16 2/3 x 16 2/3". $29.99


Neil Russell said...

What the heck are those things taking up the space above the sticky notes? They look like pastel Bic lighters. Is this for people working at RJ Reynolds or something?

Glory von Hathor said...

They're page marker tabs. Excellent for colour coding the dirty bits in your library, for easy reference. Or sticking in a line up the cat's back to make her look like a dinosaur. Neither of which are cubicle based activities.

Chris said...

Great, now I'm gonna have to pilfer page marker tabs and try it on my cat tonight.