Thursday, March 19, 2009

Will They Take a Rubber Check?

This delightful jewelry armoire costs $220 and is made of Rubberwood and MDF.

I just had to get that out of the way. Why? Well, read on, kids.

Now I know that MDF is plastic, but what the hell is rubberwood? Is it a fancy name for plastic? I had come across this term a while back, but never gave it a second thought.

So I did a little poking around the internet, and here is what I learned:

In promoting the wood, sellers often go overboard and make false claims about its strength and durability.

The wood, sometimes also called parawood, is very susceptible to decay and should be used only indoors. It tends to warp notably during drying. However, it is fairly easy to work, and glues well. As the wood is rather soft, it is mostly used in cheap products, such as toys and cutting boards, but it can be used in furniture.

I'm just thinking out loud here, but if you have enough jewelry to fill this thing, then you can probably afford something that won't warp and disintegrate on a humid day.

Standing jewelry armoire stands a whopping 40" high and is roomy enough to accommodate your entire jewelry collection. Features two larger drawers at the bottom for larger pieces and four smaller drawers with dividers to organize smaller loose pieces. Both sides swing out to reveal hanging hooks for bracelets and necklaces, and the top opens to display compartments and rows designed to hold rings. Rubberwood and MDF. 15 3/4 x 10 1/2 x 40" This product is shipped directly from the manufacturer and typically ships within 5-7 days. Extra $10 shipping $219.98

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Glory von Hathor said...

Good choice. I blogged one of these guys once. They're kind of seedy looking.

With the side flaps out he has a distinct look of
'Psst! Wanna buy a watch? I got Rolex for $30.'