Friday, March 13, 2009

What Would Gordon Do?

If you already own a Pyrex measuring cup, a spoon, and a knife, then you probably don't need this piece of shit. But let's have a look anyway.

To sum up:

It's plastic, which means it will be scuzzy and sticky after a few months.

As careful as you think you are, you're going to lose that top the second time you plan on using it.

It makes it easier for you to double, even triple your butter consumption. (it's going to kill you)

Here is my solution:

Next time the urge strikes to buy some stupid kitchen gadget, just ask yourself the following question:

"How loudly would Gordon Ramsay scream if he saw me using this?"

Melting butter has never been easier! Microwaveable container with lid cuts butter with knife-like precision, then melts it quickly and easily. Built-in cutter also serves as a mixing paddle for stirring melted butter or chocolate. Spouts on both sides assure drip-free pouring; easy-read markings show measurements at a glance. 1 cup capacity. Dishwasher safe plastic. $7.98


Dani said...

In best Home Simpson voice, "Mmmmmmm buuuuutteeeeeeer!"

Moda di Magno said...

I believe in my heart that Gordon would fill this with sheep shit and throw it at your head. Really hard.