Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just Stick to Cars, Okay?

I was tempted to go easy on this thing because it's made in Germany and not China (where 99.99% of the world's garbage comes from), but then I came to my senses.

Like pasta and music? Sure you do. But who has time to stand around waiting for the spaghetti to cook? You have TV shows to catch up on! Stick this little creepy red flasher fella in with the pasta and wait. After seven minutes in boiling water, you'll start to hear music. Then you'll know the pasta for your Kraft macaroni and cheese is finally done!

Now, I don't know why the hell you can't just buy a kitchen timer, use the clock on your microwave, or look at your watch, but I digress.

It becomes even more of a waste of money when you realize you're spending 30 bucks for something you can only use when you cook pasta. It's not like you can throw it in the oven when you bake cookies or lasagna.

For 15 bucks, you can buy a real kitchen timer that won't become Fido's chew toy after you leave it on the counter to dry.

Cook perfect pasta every time when “Al Dente” plays opera. Simply place the food-safe timer in the boiling water along with the pasta. At 7 elapsed minutes, you’ll hear 30 seconds of the “Triumphal March” from Aida; at 9 minutes, the “Chorus of Hebrew Slaves” from Nabucco; and at 11 minutes, the “La Donna mobile” from Rigoletto. Made in Germany. 5½" x 1¼" $29.00


Dani said...

Are they assuming I'd know the difference between these pieces of music?

Glory von Hathor said...

Crap. I was looking for one that played E lucevan le stelle. It really puts me in the mood for carbs.

Chris said...

Dani, I thought about making some crack about the music, but I didn't want to embarrass myself.