Thursday, March 19, 2009

Don't Throw Out Your Old Clock Radio Just Yet

This stupid battery powered alarm clock rings like a telephone to wake you up. When you stupidly answer, you hear a stupid make-believe wake up call, so you can pretend you're on vacation. Then you press "5" to get 5 more minutes of sleep.

And you can imagine what might go wrong.


MARY: Oh, for fuck's sake.

(picks up phone)

MARY: Yes, yes, you stupid piece of shit I want 5 more minutes of sleep. (presses 5 and hangs up)

Following Day

MR. SMITH: Good morning, Mary...

MARY: Good Morning, Mr. Smith.

MR. SMITH: Um, Mary...

MARY: Yes, Mr. Smith?

MR. SMITH: Is everything alright? Are you feeling better today?

MARY: Yes...why do you ask?

MR. SMITH: Well, you see, I called you this morning to see if you were feeling better after that stomach virus and I could have sworn I heard you say 'Yes, you stupid piece of shit I want 5 more minutes of sleep'?

MARY: see...

MR. SMITH: Maybe you'd better take the rest of the day off before you say anything else.

Wake-up call alarm clock without annoying beeping sounds or loud radio DJ's. Instead, wake to a ringing phone and pick up the receiver to hear "This is your wake up call, if you would like another one in 5 minutes, please press 5 now." Easy to use clock and alarm set functions, snooze and backlight. Not a working telephone. Requires 3 AA batteries, not included. Plastic, 8 x 5 x 4" $24.98

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