Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not So Bright

BS Claim of the Week comes courtesy of the "cordless magnifying lamp." It's gimmicky, ugly, and wrong on so many levels. Five levels, to be exact.

1. Why does it need to be cordless? What kind of ramshackle cave are you living in where a plug in floor lamp won't do?

2. LEDs: These lights are so overrated. A typical LED lamp needs about 500 of those suckers to give off decent light, until it mysteriously breaks. (Sidenote: most LED lamps are made of the flimsiest, ugliest plastic known to man.)

3. Hmm, I don't see any kind of magnifying glass attached to this thing. I'll bet the only thing it magnifies is credit card debt.

4. Batteries? Really? In a lamp? The "environmental savings" of using energy efficient LEDs are totally offset by all the AA batteries that will end up in the landfill. Nice try.

5. For $50, I'd like a lamp that doesn't remind me of a cordless carpet sweeper.

Cordless magnifying lamp enlarges and illuminates while keeping your hands free. Now you can read, knit, sew, work on crossword puzzles and enjoy other hobbies without straining your eyes. Features ten bright, long-lasting LEDs, moves easily from room to room. Requires 6 AA batteries (not included). 58"H with 8" diameter lens and 12" flexible gooseneck for adjustability. $49.80

1 comment:

Hamamama said...

why dont they make a cordless magnifying lamp sweeper?? they are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity, dont ya think?