Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'll Keep my Corelleware, Thank You

Staging is an essential part of any product sales pitch. For the marketers of this sectional casserole dish, I have one question:

What the hell ya got cooking in there? I looks like Green Bean Shattered Ceramic Shards along with a side of Cheese Popcorn Tater Tot McNugget Suprise.

Heat & serve side dishes in seconds! Dual compartment casserole dish lets you heat and serve 2 different foods at once. Ideal for side dishes like peas, corn, string beans, and more. Attractive look goes right to table. Lid vents open for microwave; close for fridge storage. Each section holds approx. 4 cups. Durable, heat-resistant plastic. 10¼" diam. x 2¼" deep. $9.98

1 comment:

Lady Jaye said...

This is so your food won't be mixed up with one another... (of course, if there's some kind of sauce on one side and you don't want it on the other side, that can be pratical, but that's pretty much it).