Thursday, January 15, 2009

Guess How Much: Red Light Edition

I'm going to give you the basic facts on this little item here and then leave it to you to Guess How Much. Ready? Sure you are.

This is a plastic LED light that you simply attach to a 9 volt battery. It comes in two colors (red or blue), turns on when standing up, and turns off when on its side. The battery is included this time.

Now, is it:

A) 99-cents?
B) $14.99?
C) $21.99?
D) $49.99?
E) Other

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E) $25.00 for one stupid little LED light. That's a lot of money for a glorified keychain light.

Very cute, very clever and very practical, the ingenious 9 Volts LED light fits directly on the terminals of a simple 9V battery. A clever little tilt switch mechanism turns the light on when standing up and then off again when on its side. Available in either red or blue, add a subtle tint of color to your indoor or outdoor lighting... but, if you plan to color-coordinate, you may want to double-check, as both models, when in the off position, start out an identical white. $25.00


Lady Jaye said...

Wow, $25??? My Nintendo Wiimote keychain with LED probably does as good a job and cost me nothing as it was a giveaway promo...

Chris said...

I found it on the MoMA website.

See how much you can charge when something's considered "art?"

If I bit my pencil just the right amount of times, and then pronounced it "art", I'll bet I could get it displayed at MoMA.