Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Does it Come in a Jacket?

This is:

A) The unfortunate cross breeding of a mermaid and a bride.
B) Edgy and fun!
C) Painful to look at, not to mention stupid
D) Why you should never let crazy people near the sewing machine

(If you choose B, I will find you and slap you with a pair of these)

Soutache Beaded Jean. Swirls of ribbon soutache impart an air of elegance to this jean. Glittering beading and sheer patches of lace add just the right amount of flirtation. 5-pocket styling in antiqued denim with a touch of stretch adds to the sexy, romantic design (31" inseam in size 10). Cotton/spandex; dry clean. Imported. $45

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Hamamama said...

i'm speechless

Glory von Hathor said...

They remind me of psoriasis.

Mister S said...

If Roberto Cavalli put a label in them, they'd cost $800, or more.