Monday, January 26, 2009

Because Knives Are For Amateurs

Not enough bulky gadgety crap cluttering up your kitchen? Tired of watching your morbidly obsese fat kids fight to the death over that banana bread you just made?

Then you need this thing! It works just like an ice cube tray - only far sloppier. Simply pour your batter into it, and bake. When it's ready to serve, have the kids gather 'round as you try to pry out the lumpy, uneven slices of bread, only to have them stick to the inserts and disintegrate all over the countertop. You might want to have some Entenmann's stashed away as backup.

And, just like the corn ripper, the staging here is fake. They simply baked the loaf whole, then shoved the thing into it to give the impression that it really works.

Easy slice loaf pan creates equal, perfect slices as you bake. No need to compare slices to see whose is the largest! Non-stick inserts divide batter as you pour it into the pan creating nine cafe style portions while baking. When finished, cool, remove grid and place pan on handy lifting rack (included) for easy serving. Carbon steel, 3 x 6 x 10 3/4". $29.98


joe*to*hell said...

i like big slices. but i guess if i eat several small ones it is less obvious

im such a cow said...

MMMMMMMMMMM blueberry *sticks out tongue and drools a la homer simpson* (the h would be silent in french)

Mister S said...

It's sorta like an apple corer, right?

Jesse James said...

It looks like a small version of something I saw on America's Inventor show a few years back.

I suppose there is a market for nearly everything.