Monday, December 15, 2008

Shaves As Close As a...Oh Just Take It!

Ever wish you could experience what it was like in the 70s, when everything was as gaudy and glitzy as can be? Or maybe you wonder what kind of shaving equipment Liberace might have used?

Here you go.

Not only is this thing ugly as a 2000 Monte Carlo, but they're practically giving them away over at Carol Wright Gifts, where they're two for one. (I guess it makes sense since the first one will probably fall apart right out of the box.)

Get a clean, close shave anywhere you go with this cordless, rechargeable men's shaver. It features a triple head for fast, comfortable shaves, precision stainless steel blades, pop-up trimmer, high performance motor and comfort grip. Comes with double direction locking switch and LED charge indicator. Shaver set includes power cord, cleaning brush and storage case. UL-listed. $19.99 Buy One Get One Free

Holy Crap

Not that I've been searching or anything, but if I were having an Ugly Clock Contest, this would definitely win for "Most Over-Engineered, Hideously Designed Waste of Plastic Aimed at Religious Folk Who Will Buy It Out of The Fear That They'll Burn in Hell if They Don't."

Musical praying hands clock provides hourly inspiration with a "Hallelujah" hymn and glowing LED lights. Show visitors your faith and heavenly devotion. Sound shuts off automatically between 10 PM and 6 AM. One AA and three C batteries required (not included). Polystyrene, with the look of stained glass. 10" diameter. $29.98