Thursday, November 06, 2008

How To Know When You're Life is Over

When Christmas rolls around and you think, "Oh my God! I almost forgot to change Al's clothes!"

And this is Al.

He may seem like just an ordinary guy, but with his 8-pc. wardrobe Al becomes a man for all seasons. At Christmas, dress this comical polyresin charmer in a Santa Hat and red scarf. At Easter he's a sensation in bunny ears and pink bow tie. Also comes with a headdress and vest for Thanksgiving, and an Uncle Sam shirt and hat for the 4th of July. Al stands 13"H. $14.99


Anonymous said...

I think the way you really know when your life is over is when you spend this much time commenting on mundane consumer products.

Chris said...

You have one of these, don't you, anonymous?