Thursday, October 02, 2008

Retro Garbage: Hong Kong Rickshaw

Just one look at the title and you know this wouldn't fly in today's world. "Hong Kong Rickshaw" is way to politically incorrect for our wimpy society to get past, even though it's technically WHERE THEY COME FROM.

But let's assume they changed the name to Kiddie Kart, or something along those lines. Would it still pass? Read the description.

3 to 5 children? Not today's children. Today's high fructose, video game kids are fat as trucks. They would crush this thing in a matter of seconds. The poor thing wouldn't have a chance.

And then there would be lawsuits, claiming that the child pulling the rickshaw was victimized and traumatized by the other children and now needs round the clock psychiatric care and medication for Frivolous Claim-itis.

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