Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Don't Forget To Include Tape

In the wrong hands, this could be a disaster.

MINDY: Happy birthday, Maria. Here is a present for you.


MINDY: Yes, for you. Just a little thank you for all your hard work around here. That's American money, not pesos.

MARIA: Ay, caramba! I cang send to my country, jes?

MINDY: Why of course you can, dearie. You just have to figure out the puzzle.


MINDY: See, it's a puzzle dear. You have to figure out how to unlock it and get the 5 dollar bill out. It's like a pinata...

MARIA: Pinata?

MINDY: Yes, a pinata! (looks away, laughing along with the family)

Maria takes tosses the puzzle up in the air, then smashes it to bits with the nearby fireplace poker. The tattered bill floats down in the center of the room as the family gasps aloud.

MARIA: That'll teach you to be such a condescending bitch. I quit.

Cash puzzle is also a brain-teasing way to give money or checks as a gift, once the box is sealed the recipient must figure out how to get it open in order to spend the cash! You'll feel like a genius upon solving this tricky contraption. Wood, plastic, 8 x 4 1/4". $14.98