Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Which Tool Will Slit My Wrist The Easiest?

Here is proof that we've taken the concept of all-in-one to its absolute peak. What the hell is going on with this thing? I can understand having multi-use tools, like a bottle opener with a corkscrew, but this has a freaking grill cleaner attached. No thank you. That's like using the hair catcher in your tub to strain pasta.

Even thought it's a hideous mess, I would LOVE to see this in action. You know someone's going to get stabbed.

Boasting generous skewer/fork, cutting blade, and grill cleaner, thisall-in-one BBQ tool is your one-and-only essential! Great for turning,gripping, flipping, and slicing, it features stainless steel construction andspring-loaded handle in cool-grip, non-slip vinyl. Dishwasher safe. 15 1/2"long. $14.99

1 comment:

Gledwood said...

"love to see it in action"..?

what, around some tubby man's private parts..???!!!???