Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thank You for Being a Friend - Sometimes

The marketers for this shoe claim that they're comfortable "for any season." I would avoid wearing these in summer.

BLANCHE: Dorothy! So nice of you to come! Ooh, you brought cheesecake! Why don't you come out back and I'll bring out the iced tea.

DOROTHY: Thank you, Blanche.

BLANCHE: Here we go. (sets iced tea down on table)

DOROTHY: Whew! It certainly is hot out here today!

BLANCHE: It's a real scorcher.

DOROTHY: Do you mind if I take off my shoes?

BLANCE: Mind? Why would I mind? Go ahead, honey. Take yours shoes off! Get comfortable.

DOROTHY: (grunts, sighs) Oh, that is much better. Whew. So, how have you been, Blanche? Blanche? Is something the matter, Blanche?

BLANCHE: Oh, nothing's wrong honey.

DOROTHY: You were looking at my feet. Now tell me, what's wrong?

BLANCHE: Well, to be honest, it just looks like you have a lot more liver spots on your feet than you should.

DOROTHY: What? (looks down) Oh! (laughs) These aren't liver spots. You see, I was wearing these new shoes last week, and they have little holes in them, so I must have gotten some kind of weird, patterned tan.

BLANCHE: You know, you don't have to cover. I understand. There's some liver spot ointment in the medicine cabinet. Obviously, I never use it, but you can take it.

DOROTHY: I'm not covering!

BLANCHE: Alright, you don't have to shout...whatever.

A comfortable shoe for any season! Double side stretch, all-over cut-out detailing, cushioned insole and non-skid outsole. 1/2" heel. Genuine leather. Imported. In whole and half sizes. $29.99


joe*to*hell said...

but they live together!

eleni said...


Chris said...

Joe - This takes place after the show ends. I thought I would put together a little reunion of sorts.

Anonymous said...

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