Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Clock Tee Shirt is Excitement Beyond Measure



A digital clock tee shirt? What the fuck for? I don't get this at all. Alright, maybe this will stop people from asking you what time it is, but you'll never know what time it is unless you're wearing a watch, which makes this even more pointless and bizarre... and now I have a massive headache.

Attract attention wherever you go with this amazing, animated tee! The clock shows the actual time in an eye-catching indigo readout. Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included). Remove power module before washing. 100% pre-shrunk cotton. $34.98

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nikoeternal.com said...

i want one

mousemouse said...

More offensive than the awful tshirt are the 'sparkles' they always add to the photo. Because we're too stupid to understand that it LIGHTS UP, we have to be SHOWN with stupid SPARKLES.

Chris said...

Just wait til Christmas, then there's a flurry of lighted wreaths, mini-christmas trees and light-up ornaments - all sparkled up for your benefit.

Slinky Redfoot said...

this is classic. and if it rains, they get electrocuted (deservedly so)