Monday, June 09, 2008

Why Not Wear it Around Your Neck?

Attention all SUV driving, gadget buying, burned-out soccer Moms! This self-deprecating plastic sign is just what you need to earn the respect of those other soccer moms out there. It's not like they'll talk about you behind your back or anything...

JACKIE: Oh, God. Here she comes.
JACKIE: Rebecca. She is always trying to put up a front like she's not a total pill-popping psycho.
MARLENE: I know. Just last week, she told me that she loves being a housewife and that it's "God's calling." Did you see that stupid sign on the front of her RAV-4?
JACKIE: On the front?
MARLENE: Yes. Some piece of crap she bought on the Internet. "Mom's Taxi Service" it says. I think she's going to off herself one of these days.
JACKIE: If her husband doesn't do it for her.
MARLENE: HA! HA! Ssh! Here she comes...
REBECCA: Hi, girls!
JACKIE: How are things?
REBECCA: Oh, you know - crazy! Those darn kids! Gotta shuttle em everywhere! Did you see my new sign?
MARLENE: Why don't you go kill yourself?
MARLENE: I said, "Why, those bills don't pay themselves..."
REBECCA: Okay...
JACKIE: Well, gotta go kill myself.

Mom's Taxi Service sign says is all just get a meter for your dashboard and you are ready for business. This humorous “ćom's Taxi Service" sign customizes the front end of your car or SUV by outwardly displaying how you often feel inside having to drive the kids here, there and everywhere! Just secue in place with velcro strap. 8 1/2 x 1 1/2". $19.98

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OMG this is, by far, one of your best!!!!!!
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