Monday, June 02, 2008

When Pigs Fly

The Bacon Genie is designed to help you make bacon faster, all the while saving you from, "messy splatters" and having to "sop up the grease."

Because, as we all know, the second you hit "START," the bacon will not splatter, because it knows that the Bacon Genie is in control. It will neatly and orderly drip into the tiny reservoir. There will be no bacon grease covering the walls and ceiling of the microwave, and it certainly won't smell like bacon for the next three weeks.

When pigs fly.

Bacon Genie™ makes up to 12 strips of delicious, crispy bacon in the microwave in seconds! No more messy splatters from stovetop frying, or piles of paper towels to sop up the grease. Each piece hangs vertically while cooking to allow grease to drip into reservoir for easy dishwasher safe cleaning. Tongs included. 7.98

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