Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What, No Winnie the Pooh Tie-In?

Any avid reader of this blog may remember this stupid money counting jar. The Money Honey Jar (by Telebrands, bringing you garbage for 20 years) takes it to a whole new, stupid lazy level of fantasy where you'll find so much money just laying around, stuck to random places, that you can buy electronics, golf clubs, even a new bike!

From the website: "Imagine finding cash everywhere you turn. It's in your car, in your house, you coat pocket, everywhere. Stop imagining and start saving now."

Here are a few more locations you may find money:
In your shoe!
Between the keys of your keyboard!
In your coffee maker!
Under your fingernails!
In your hair!

The commercial is brilliant. You have to watch it right now. It teaches kids how to add? No, it doesn't. It teaches kids how to be lazy.

I can't wait to bump into some asshole carrying this into Commerce Bank, dumping the contents into the Penny Arcade, and then fighting with the tellers.

"This thing stole my money! The Money Honey Jar says that there is $122.95 in here, but y'all Penny Arcade gave me $96.42!

Thanks to Neil, tipster extraordinaire.

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Anonymous said...

"The product that actually pays for itself!"

Yeah? Well when it's through paying for itself, send it to me.