Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What Is This? Mouth Blown Edition

What the hell is this?

Is it:
A) "Pee-Buddy Travel Bathroom"
B) "Crazy Crystal Bud Vase"
C) "Lil' Labs Beaker Set"
D) Just stupid

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D) As in Doofus Products International. Come on, just put the fucking wine in the fridge and call it a night!

Although I'd love to be there when some idiot tries to use this thing for the first time and realizes that:

A) It only chills two glasses' worth at a time
B) The chamber is cold and slippery and breaks when you drop it in front of your guests

Wine Chiller makes the perfect gift for wine enthusiasts because it keeps wine chilled at the ideal serving temperature without diluting. Simply fill the chilling chamber with ice and drop it into the mouth-blown, lead free crystal carafe for a perfect fit. When ready to serve, just remove the chamber and pour for a cool, refreshing glass of wine. 13 3/4".

Your Price: $59.98

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Scooter said...

Damn, I thought it was an EPT!