Friday, June 06, 2008

Or, You Could Get Separate Beds

They say opposites attract, but this is ridiculous.

Here is an item that deserves its own commercial.

(Grainy black and white footage of woman freezing to death, next to a man sweating and crying)

VOICEOVER: Tired of freezing to death each night? Fed up with the sweltering heat? Worried about the fate of your marriage?

(ANNOYING, ENGLISH-ACCENTED ANTONY SULLIVAN) Then you need the Couple Comfort Blanket! Hi, Antony Sullivan here with the wireless Couple Comfort Blanket. Utilizing breakthrough technology developed by NASA, the Couple Comfort Blanket features two unique Comfort ZonesTM for optimum comfort and ease.

The left side is engineered with advanced thermal heat technology, for a warm winter night's sleep, while the right side is designed with durable paper-thin cotton technology to give your overheated partner a peaceful night's sleep without sweating all over the bed.

Both sides are fused together for a seamless look that will fit any Queen or King sized bed! It features no wires, no batteries or complicated installation! Simply attach to bed and enjoy! It's that easy.

The Couple Comfort Blanket is only $19.98! But if you order within the next 13 seconds, we'll double your offer! That's right, you'll get two Couple Comfort Blankets for the price of one!

Call now, and we'll throw in the Ped Egg, a $200.00 value, absolutely free.

Couple Comfort Blanket helps you both get a comfortable night's sleep. One side is an extra warm blanket, the other is a light sheet perfect for solving the nighttime hot-and-cold battle! Great for single sleepers too never again search for another blanket or toss your covers onto the floor. Fits both king and queen size beds. Makes a great wedding gift! Satin & polyester, 110 x 98". $19.98

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