Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Or, Just Leave It There and Call the Kids

Normally I don't promote buying anything I poke fun at, but with the TeleStick, you might as well have two:

One to pick things up off the floor... and a second one to pick up the TeleStick once you drop it.

Although, if you drop both, you're pretty much out of luck, so keep those wire hangers handy!

Easily reach objects with one of two telescoping arms. Washable adhesive disc grabs items up to one pound. Hook will loop or drag items to you... powerful magnet grabs key rings, needles, pins. TeleStik™ is a lightweight 8" long, 5.4 ounces; arms extend 34" long. $4.99

1 comment:

Steven said...

My dad owns the claw.

He'd rather call someone to pick the shit he dropped on the floor than get his ass of the couch and get it himself.