Monday, June 23, 2008

Or, Just Buy More Pillows

This idiotic inflatable headboard has me thinking.

What's going on in your bedroom that you need an inflatable headboard? And what happens when a bout of rough sex punctures a hole in it and it just hangs off the wall by the double face tape?

Inflatable Headboard Sit up to read, watch TV or talk with the padded protection and ultimate comfort of air to support your back. Fashionable headboard sets up in only five minutes for any queen bed to make your sleeping and waking activities more pleasurable. Great for any bedroom, dorm room, kids room or vacation home. Just fill with electric air pump and attach with self-stick wall tabs to wall. Polyurethane and polyester, 60 x 30 x 4". $129.99

1 comment:

Neil Russell said...

So with no headboard or legs you are most likely on a rolling bedframe. First time you lean back the rest of the bed will sail across the room. If you're lucky the tape will fail and the falling "headboard" will break your fall.
Alternately it will leak just like all the other inflatable beds and your dreams will be permeated with a slow hissing sound. Happy rattlesnakes everyone!!