Friday, June 13, 2008

Christmas All Year Round

The lighthouse perpetual calendar is annoying versatile! It comes with interchangeable months of the year, as well as numbered squares for you to play with. I would imagine that it's inspired by and old calendar from the 1800's before paper and free bank calendars.

I would also imagine that:
A) You'll get tired of moving around the glorified Scrabble tiles after about two months
B) You'll be screwed in March, when you can't find numbers 29, 30, and 31.
C) You'll have to hide it when company comes, rather than explain why it still says December, even in June.

LIGHTHOUSE PERPETUAL CALENDAR will guide you through the days and months just as lighthouses have always guided seafarers. Wooden wall plaque features a handsome lighthouse replica in raised detail. Comes with interchangeable months of the year and 31 day squares that easily slide in and out to keep your calendar current—it never goes out of date! Includes hang hooks. 14-1/2" L x 7". $12.98

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Lady Jaye said...

That reminds me of a shop project I had to do in high school, where we used a wood-burning gun to engrave the months and dates -- then we inserted little pieces of rope and beads that you move to the date. Needless to say that mine looks horrible and is not actually being used...