Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Because Bottles are Obsolete

I am full of questions this week.

A) How old do you have to be to need this?
B) How sad is it that no soda company would allow this piece of garbage to be photographed with their product?
C) Where are you going that you need to save the soda for later?
D) Why not just buy a bottle of soda, instead of this?
E) Who is dumb enough to spend $15.00 on this thing?

QuikTop® seals open cans to keep your soft drink fresh and fizzy until you finish it. It turns your can into a bottle so it's easy to drink from. Plus, you can seal it over and over again so you don't waste a drop. Unique patented seal prevents leaks and messy spills. The cap also doubles as a drinking cup. Set of 4 assorted colors. Dishwasher safe. $14.99

1 comment:

Lady Jaye said...

How about using a straw? Or just waiting till later to open the damn can?