Wednesday, May 07, 2008

You Say Tomato Holder, I Say Crap

WIFE: Honey, do we have any tomatoes?
HUSBAND: I'll check. (opens fridge, glances in, shuts door) Yep.
(five minutes later)
WIFE: Honey, where are the tomatoes you found before?
HUSBAND: There was just one. It's in the door.
WIFE: That wasn't a tomato! That was the tomato wedge I saved a week ago! You are so stupid.
HUSBAND: Oh, yeah? Not half as stupid as the woman buying a tomato shaped tomato holder.

Keep cut tomatoes garden-fresh and tasty longer! Don’t let partially-used tomatoes spoil. Airtight, palm-sized container keeps moisture and flavor in; keeps air and mold out. Its unique tomato shape is easy to find in a crowded refrigerator, too! Dishwasher-safe poly. Approx. 4" diam. x 3-1/4" H. $4.98

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