Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Project Run Away

This hideous caftan set was "designed" by:

A) 2 Crackheads
B) 3 Four year-olds on a 2-day sugar bender
C) 4 Project Runway contestants on LSD and PCP
D) No one, because no one would ever claim credit for this.

Increase your fashion tempo in this exclusive ensemble. Luscious citrus green texture creates the comfy caftan-style top. Accented with artful splashes of design, it features a chic, deconstructed hem and asymmetrical cut. Flowing pants have matching bursts of art, tapered leg and full elastic waist (30" inseam in size M). Rayon; hand wash. Imported. $109.00


S* said...

Oh dear God! Why must you do this to me over and over?

Death to all caftans!

Chris said...

When the bomb drops, only cockroaches will be left. And they will be wearing caftans.