Monday, May 12, 2008

I Can't Wait to be There for Spray # 601

This spray is designed to lubricate pills and vitamins so you can swallow them. You know, in case you're the kind of person who typically finds themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere with no access to water, but always remembers to bring a plate.

Spray N' Swallow™ lubricates both sides of a pill or vitamin creating a safe, easy way for it to travel down the throat without getting caught. 100% natural, anti-stick solution puts an end to stubborn, hard to swallow pills. 600 sprays per bottle.


Lady Jaye said...

well, I'm one of those people with a small throat and I gotta say that sometimes bigger pills do get stuck (even with a drink of water). Gives a nice choking feeling... but it doesn't mean I'd pay for a spray. :P Then again, I don't have to take big pills often.

Anonymous Blogger said...

thats cool? lol. I take these calcium pills every night and seriously they are big as rocks. maybe I should get some of this.